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Alliance CT live action role-playing

I photographed an Alliance CT live action role-playing event this weekend as personal work. I've wanted to do a LARP project for a while, so I'm glad I finally got around to doing it. I had a lot of fun with it.

I'll be doing a tighter edit down to a traditional picture story, but here's a loose edit.
Lauren, role-playing as Lariah, a member of the Battleforge team, looks out of the front door of the tavern.

Jesse Stanley applies his makeup before transitioning into Gormegil, an orc character. Stanley has been LARPing for about 12 years.

Kelly Stanley looks on as her husband, Jesse, applies the horns for her character, Figment. Although she used to say she would never LARP, Kelly has been going to the events for about 5 years.

Players fight against non-player characters during the final battle of the weekend.

A downed player waits for the rest of the group to battle their way to his aid during a large group encounter with bugs.

Nellie Condee, playing as Kaie Baillie, a gypsy with the House Maitane team, battles with a non-player character.

Spell packets sit on the ground from a large battle. The packets, made with fabric and bird seed, are thrown at enemies to symbolize spell casting.

Sean Metzler, playing a gypsy named Rupert Pyke of the House Maitane team, battles an enemy during the final battle of the weekend.

Jaimi Davis, playing as Paladar Beltaine of the team House Geffrin, keeps warm and dries an article of clothing by the tavern fireplace on a cold and rainy Saturday.

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Here's an old one from August. It was my first attempt at shooting 4x5. Nearly all of my images were off the image circle, and that white highlight in the bottom appears to be from fogging the film a bit. The images are far from perfect, but I had a ton of fun playing around with that camera. I learned a lot and got to try something different.

Shooting 4x5 was a humbling experience and gave me a lot more respect for the photographers of yesteryear. It's definitely a different experience than shooting digital.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patricia Clinkscales of Anderson, S.C. watches the festivities on one of the jumbotrons on the National Mall during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.